Ombré Powder Brows (Virgin Brows)


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Ombré Powder Brows

Ombre Powder Brows has made over 12000 posts on Instagram. The style of this eyebrow helps to make the skin color more attractive. The Ombre eyebrow style is becoming the latest neutral highlight in the makeup scenes.

All the Payments are Non-Refundable for Ombre Powder Brows

While paying, just look at the service name Ombre Virgin Brows. You have to pay $250.00 after a 70% discount. Just book this eyebrow service for the best duration of 4 hours.

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Information regarding the Ombre Powder Brows:

Let's gain some basic knowledge about the Ombre Virgin Brows. Look at below:

  • The ombre is best for clients who prefer complete results compared to the hair-strokes.
  • The Ombre gives the perfect results by making the tails darker and lighter at the beginning of the brow.
  • Every effect that is applied to the brow are natural, water-proof, and smudge-proof.
  • The style of the eyebrow is made with the help of a Nano Machine, which gives the excellent quality of pigment.
  • It is best and suitable for all skin types. And it lasts at least three years. Well, the lasting of the style will depend upon the care, lifestyle, and health.
Ombre Virgin Brows By US Brows

Let's read some of the below points which are associated with the pre-caring of getting the Ombre Virgin Brows:

  • For getting the best results, you have to do a minimum of one procedure control for 6-10 weeks.
  • Prepare yourself for getting the shades. With this eyebrow implementation, you will get the two shades, i.e., light and dark. And this whole process will take a minimum of 7 days.
  • It is good to avoid Niacin, Fish oil, Vitamin E, or Aspirin. 
  • Stop all your work for 72 hours before the procedure. 
  • Stay away from the sun's rays. Please stay in your room for a day before getting the procedure.
  • After getting the appointment, you also have to remove all the Retin-A, Retinol, or Glycolic products.
  • Avoid the use of AHA skincare products near the applied area. 
  • Just wait for two months if you have taken any surgery on the face.
  • Avoid the use of alcohol before the 24 hours of the appointment. Further, this will help stop the extra bleeding and minimize the swelling at the procedure time.
  • Before moving to the appointment, make sure that your face is clear from pimples, wounds, and bruises.
  • And in case you have anything on your face, reschedule your appointment with the proper intimation.
  • Also, stop doing threading, waxing, and tint on your eyebrows before the one-week procedure.
  • Keep yourself away from the facials and chemicals material.
  • Make sure that you must use the exfoliation products at your home. Use this near to the eyebrow area before one week of the appointment. Further, this will help you to take the skin pigment easily.
Ombre Powder Brows - US Brows
  1. You must avoid the use of water for the first 24 hours of the treatment.
  2. Do not worry! If you see the blanching and whiteness around the area. Because this will only last for 12 hours, and if you find any blood near the treated area, you can do its cleaning with chilled water. 
  3. Be sure that you take the proper care of the eyebrows after the treatment.
  4. Do not use the washed clothes near the treated area. Only wash it with the natural fragrance, water, by taking the help of the tissue.
  5. Keep yourself in a room after getting the treatment because the sunlight will reflect changes in the shaded colors of the eyebrow—further, which causes scarring and hyperpigmentation.
  6. Do not take hot showers, steam, saunas, hot bath for a minimum of 1 week.
  7. Ensure that he is not doing so much work after the three days of the treatment because this will lead you to sweat, which expels the pigment from the dermis. And give poor results.
  8. Try to sleep straight on the nights. 
  9. Must ensure that you are not going to use the makeup on your face until it gets healed.
  10. Keep yourself away from doing the medications or taking the exfoliation products until it takes the final touch-up.
  11. Do not use the Glycolic acids Retin A products.
  12. Also, do not do the waxing or tinting after the procedure.
  13. Keep your eyebrows dry after washing them.
  14. You may find the procedure peeling on the three days after the treatment. But do not worry! This is a good sign that your treatment is healing day by day.
  15. Do not do scratching or picking. It will lose the pigments. 
  16. You can see the pigments clearly after the 4 or 8 weeks of the treatment. The final touch-up section will start after the 8 weeks of the initial appointment. This is a must to get the desired shape and color for your eyebrows. 
  17. This process is a process that will get completed with the 2 steps. So do not evaluate the procedure in its healing stage.

Follow all the above-given tips for the best results.

US Brows - Ombre Powder Brows

Points To Be Noted:

  • Just do not get hesitate or worry about the implementation level of the Ombre Virgin Brows. Yes, we are applying the same things for the procedure. But sometimes the results vary and this is due to the lifestyle and skin of the client.
  • It is all the matter of your skin that it takes the applied color on the eyebrow. In many cases, if the shade of your eyebrow will get fade or become a blur, do not start shouting at the technician. Must keep things in mind that it has happened due to your skin type.
  • The skin will get less pigmentation due to the scar tissue. Sometimes it also happens that you are moving all day in the sunshine.
  • The loss of pigmentation also happens if you have oily skin, use anti-aging creams, natural elements, sweat more in a day, apply makeup, etc. 
  • The face of all people is not the same. So just make sure that sometimes your skin will take more time to adapt to the changes in the brow. So must, take care of your face and follow the abe given instructions adequately.
  • All people's face is symmetrical and they do not get the same look after the technique. And further, also there is no way to make the eyebrows the same even with the help of a stencil. It automatically differentiates due to the bones. We also do not use the permanent makeup word. 

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